I wish I could hit the lottery….

“All the riches in the world won’t buy you love, peace and happiness”

 How many times have you said I wish I could hit the lottery? Well, if you’re like me, you say it quite often and you play the mega millions praying you win. You sit and fantasize about all the nice things you would buy and all the places you would go.

If you think about it God has already blessed you with many riches. And if you have a passport you already travelled many places. But yet we still desire more. Why? Because there is no satisfaction in material possessions. True satisfaction will be found when the Lord blesses those whose hunger is for righteousness and not material goods (Matt. 5:6).

Always Remember: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matt. 6:21)

Smooches E’



Today’s Inspirational song…..

Praise him in advance by Marvin Sapp

I’ve had my share of ups and downs, times when there was no one around, God came and spoke these words to me, praise will confuse the enemy. (repeat 2x)

I started singing, I started clapping, I started dancing, people were laughing, they knew my problems, they knew my pain, but I knew God would take them away.

I have my share of ups and downs, times when there was no one around, God came and spoke these words to me, praise will confuse the enemy. (repeat 2x)

I started singing, I started clapping, I started dancing, people were laughing, they knew my problems, they knew my pain, but I knew God would take them away.

That’s why I praise him with my hands, that’s why I praise him with a dance, He’s given me a second chance, come on lets praise him in advance.

That’s why I praise him with a song, when things are right and when they’re wrong, He’s given me a second chance, come on lets praise Him in advance.

Praise Him
Praise Him
Praise Him
Praise Him
Praise Him
Praise Him
Praise Him in advance.

Dred Scott



In the Dred Scott vs. Sanford case, Dred Scott appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court for his freedom, arguing that during his travels with his master he had been living in free states. Scott was unsuccessful and as a result the Court ordered that slaves could not be citizens and therefore did not have the right to bring a case to court. The case is also known as the “Dred Scott Decision.”

Dred Scott actually filed his case in 1847 and went through many appeals before a decision was reached in 1856, but carried out in 1857 resulting in the return of Dred Scott to his master. Scott was finally awarded his freedom from his master, 8 months before his death from tuberculosis in 1858. 

The Dred Scott Decision helped to further polarize the North and South and quicken the arrival of the Civil War.

Always Remember: If there is no struggle, there is no progress.  ~Frederick Douglass and Justice will prevail……

Smooches E’

Can “ex” lovers be best friends? Why or why not…

Can “ex” lovers be best friends? Why or why not…

So you and your significant other breaks up but you want to remain friends. Is this possible? I ask the people what do they think….

Yes and No by Ms Independent! 

I will have to say yes and no. My ex is (one) of my best friends. However it does depend on the individuals. It can cause problems in current relationships on either side. Being that were ex’s we tend to go back to “remember when”. It’s a very thin line. In my opinion it’s hard to be best friends with your ex if your ex is in a relationship or married. The spouses/significant others  will never accept or can understand the bond. You will have to keep that friendship a secret.

 No! why even bother by I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!

I personally think it doesn’t matter if you split on good or bad terms you should move on and go your separate ways. I think “trying” to be best friends can cause confusion especially if you’re dating someone new.

 Absolutely NOT by the Man with all the keys to the City!

1. Cause if they were any good in bed…you always going to want to see if they can still hang.

2. You will be so uncomfortable when it’s time to introduce him to you new guy, fiancé, husband.

3. Your new guy, fiancé, husband may suspect something…and the assumption will lead to an un trustful relationship…

4. Always remember to look towards the finish line, not the start line

 Yes by Bad Newz!

Yes ex-lovers can be friends, possibly best friends. It’s based on forgiveness, when we learn to forgive a burden is lifted off our shoulders, we become stress free, we can think clearly and we no longer have a revengeful heart. GOD forgives us of our sins each and every day, therefore, we must forgive and let the issues of the past go. Once you have forgiven your Ex, then you can move forward with no remorse, no hatred, letting you communicate with him/her without any heartaches, because you have moved on and no longer hold any grudges… If you hold grudges, then you haven’t come to terms with the given situation and need to ask GOD to show you how to FORGIVE, LOVE and Like Keyshia Cole says, “Let It Go”….

It depends by Supa Dupa Sexy!

It depends on whether or not you have kids. If you have kids you should be able to get along. But if they are no kids involved then no.

Yes by Anonymous!

Providing the break up wasn’t on bad terms…I think it’s possible for “ex” lovers to be friends. I been there before it wasn’t easy in the beginning because you still have feelings but it turned out to be better than the relationship. Everyone comes into your life for a reason but everyone is not meant to stay or be together.

“Another” Star is born!


IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!

Today I want to Congratulate my sister and her husband on the new addition to their family. The greatest gift from God! Love Always E’

Put on a SMILE and wear it all day!

“Always remember to be happy because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile”. 

~Author Unknown

Today’s Prayer

 Heavenly Father, You are intimately aware of the struggle I am experiencing — the pain and the despair. You know the desire of my heart to be healed of this illness. I ask now for Your healing touch. I know that You are able and that just like in Bible times, You can heal me.

“I also understand that You will chose what is best for me. I pray that through this trial, I will draw close to You — that You will be my comfort and strength. I pray that ultimately, whatever happens, You will be glorified through me. I pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.”

Have a blessed Sunday!

(In my) Shopping cart Saturdays…

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her”.  ~Marcelene Cox


I highly recommended this item if you suffer from seasonal allergies. It also work for those that work in extreme weather conditions (dust storms)


“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. David Brinkley”

Hello Everyone! This weeks interview is the one and only CJ. CJ and I met awhile back while contracting for KBR in Kuwait. CJ is easy going, friendly and a good listener. Please enjoy the interview!


Have you ever written any poetry or songs? If so, what did you about? 

Yes, I use to write poetry all the time. I would write about anything that would come to mind, I always tried to make sue my writing was diverse, never on one scale.

Who do you wish would listen more closely to you?  

No one, it’s up to that person to listen to whom they are comfortable with. It’s their destiny so, they choose how they will live out that destiny.

How do you feel about Osama Bin Laden being captured and so quickly laid to rest?

I felt that we should not have publicly celebrated his death. Although he did some horrible things, he’s still a human man. I think we should have shown a little more respect for death. In the end no matter what his beliefs where he had family people that looked up to him. What do you think they are thinking when they see us celebrating in the streets. We just ignite more fuel to hatred that those people have for us and like everything in the world, there is a recycling little Bin Laden watching how we acted and guess what his mind frame will be??

How would your friends describe you? Have you ever considered starting your own business?  

Always looking for something to invest in. I have a savings put aside just to invest with. One day I will be a famous man for my investments.  

What was your favorite childhood television program?

Miami Vice.. LOL!!! 

What biblical character do you admire most?  

Caleb, because I’m named after him. Maybe that is why I love to travel so.

Are you a Biggie or Tupac fan, why? 

Biggie forever, his lyrics were something that I could relate to for the most part. I just love his flow and the man that he was.

Would you rather spend the rest of your life without a significant other, or would you rather have a partner who is extremely difficult?

I can’t say, I have been on both ends and learning is something that you should take out of everything that you do and I learned a lot from both sides. So, it would be difficult for me to choose one side.

Should marijuana be legalized? Why or why not?

All I can say about that is alcohol is legalized and look at the numbers on DUI’s and deaths caused by DUI’s or domestic violence caused by alcohol. Marijuana does not nearly have those type of side effects nor have you heard of  killing, beating, or anything of that nature because someone was on Marijuana.

What makes a woman beautiful?  

Her honesty!!!!! 

What gets better with age?  

A fine wine and black women. 

If you had your own reality TV show, what would you call it? 

Unscripted life

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Why?

Very much so, we love what’s in our mind/ how we see things. So, anything close to what we imagine is perfect is what we will determine is beautiful.

If you could go back into time what time would you go to and why?

I would go back to the 40’s and 50’s and take things from today to make my family rich for generations after.

Do you believe in love at first sight?  

Yes, I seen a lady that I just knew I was supposed to be with. I love her and I planned our life together in my head over the span of 5 minutes. I knew she was destiny, but I could not say anything to her because I was with my girlfriend at the time, so that chance past me by.. One thing about love at first site, it has to be both ways as well.

What kind of advice would you give to newlyweds about staying married?

Work through the disagreements, talk them out, there is no reason to yell and scream, it only makes things worse. Simple conversation will go a long way, you will understand each other more clearly and respect point of views.

Thank You for taking time to read the interview. Please be prepared because you are next!

Smooches E’

Question of week…

What defines beauty?

Platinum ring and the Multi Platinum Marriage…

Can one have it all? 

 This question has been on my mind for quite some time. So I decided to see how a few of my good friends felt about it. I was excited to read all the different responses. Please enjoy!

Yes and No… by BAD NEWS
, Those with the Status of millionaires and billionaires, have money, power and fame in this society on Earth. They can travel on their privately owned jets, purchase expensive Mansions, vehicles, clothing, jewelry and can manipulate the souls of many with their status. They have seats on committees that we aren’t aware of, they control the stocks of America and even have their hands entwine politically internationally. (Yes, people of wealth can say they have it all) Remember, money Rules this world.

No, Within this society if you have Millions, then you have power. With that power, comes praise and respect. But if you don’t have the spirit of GOD in your heart, soul and mind then you have nothing. GOD is and always will be in control, wealth of this world will pass and judgment will surely come and the millions you have in your bank accounts can’t buy you into the kingdom of heaven. The word says it is easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter into the gates of heaven. You will be accountable for you actions here on Earth, so focus on GOD and his word and not the riches of the world. God has blessed us all and will give accordingly as he sees fit, so don’t be consumed with keeping up with the Joneses, stay prayed up and ask our father to lead your every step, so you will have it All in the Kingdom of heaven.

It depends… by the Chosen one!

I think one should first know what “all” they want out of their relationship. I think sometimes we get into relationships for the wrong reasons. Then we have the tendency to place these false expectations upon our partners. This is not fair…. Example: man gets mad at woman because she can’t remember what “he” wants on his sandwich. Coughs cough Bull…… I believe as long as “all” isn’t out there in space alongside false expectations, having it “all” is possible.

I personally think determination and hard work can make the impossible possible. But like everything you have to want it in order for it to work. Out of respect for your partner make sure it’s what you really want before you commit. You can save a lot of time and heartache in the long run.

I do believe this is possible….by Sweet Precious Darling!

BUT…only for some.  I believe it solely depends on each individual’s definition and understanding of “having it all”.  A woman who breaks off a relationship with a man who was abusive may think of having a man that is NOT abusive as “having it all”.  Being that we were all brought up differently from different backgrounds and having different beliefs “Having it all” or NOT…..can be interpreted in so many ways. I actually had a similar conversation a few weeks ago with 2 good friends and when asked- my initial response was “NO”….this was because normally when we reach a certain level we continue to aim higher and seek more…For example- when my boyfriend and I would casually talk about the idea of getting married and the type of lifestyle we wanted to build…. I started off by saying I want a 2 carat ring  (if we get married) and I don’t need a new car…I’m good- now 2 years later….I have a 2 carat ring….now I want a 4 carat as well as a luxury vehicle.  So as long as an individual continues to aim and seek more without considering the things that are important such as love, honesty, respect, support, etc. they will believe that you can’t have it all.   But after carefully thinking about the question and eliminating the thought of materialistic items- I know that I already have it all….Faith, Family, Friends, Health= Wealth aka “Having it All”

Yes by the Shining Star!

I would say YES, Why? It’s not about the money but the amount of love you have for each other that matters and what God has blessed you with is priceless among all things. If we had a one bedroom apartment with nothing but the clothes on our back, food to eat and one car to get us from here to there, we are blessed with the simplest things in life and the love for each other – that would carry more weight than all the riches in the world.

NO…by the Author!

If the grass is greener on the other side, it’s either one or two things: the water bill is much higher or that grass is fake! I personally believe you will never have it all and if you come close to it… AT WHAT COST?

 It’s hard to say by the Ladies Man! 

Well, when it comes to relationship, it’s hard to say if you can have it all. It all depends on the if “all” is to include material things as well. Let’s go on the notion that “all” is only considered the person or persons involved have to offer emotionally and physically. 

I think having it all depends on the person that you are in that relationship with. One day you can have it all from the person that you are in involved with but the next day that person can have a change of heart or not feel as giving as they did the day before. So, you would come up a little short on having it “all” at that point. It seems like a reach of a statement but we are human and we do fall short sometimes in our lives which to include in relationships.

 That part of ups and downs can go a long way when it comes to interacting with other humans.

 So, to answer the question from my point of view, can we have it “all”? I think our goal is to reach that point in our relationships but 99% of time we will never see that goal. What I consider giving my “all” may not be what you consider giving your “all”. But that does not mean we are not right for each other or cannot have a successful relationship. In the end that’s just something that we will have to work on and what is a relationship if you never have anything to work toward?? I would rather we had something to build and strive for as a couple. That way we are in sync with our goals and who we want “us” to be as one. That’s what makes a great relationship.   


Be yourself

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

No two people are alike. That’s what makes each and every one of us special. We are all wonderful, just as we are. Follow your heart where ever it may lead you.

Always Remember: Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

Smooches E’