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SUNSCREEN! WHY? More than 2 million nonmelanoma skin cancers are diagnosed annually.


Sunscreens should be applied to dry skin 15 to 30 minutes BEFORE going outdoors. When using sunscreen, be sure to apply it to all exposed areas and pay particular attention to the face, ears, hands, and arms. Coat the skin liberally and rub it in thoroughly.

Sunscreens should be reapplied approximately every two hours or when perspiring heavily.


Question of the week…

Who’s been the most influential person to you?





E says: DIDDI, hello, how are you on this hot Kuwaiti day?
Diddi says: E its hotter than fish grease out here…lol..Im doing okay though…
E says: So Diddi tell the people a little bit about yourself….
Diddi says: Married 12+ years, 3 daughters 20,18,and 8. Reside in the Carolinas’…and I am a huge Tarheel fan… 
E says: So how does one handle being the only male in the household?
Diddi says: It wild at times, especially when they gang up on you, and when they want something, but Im the king of the castle…what ever I say goes..point. period…
I love them very much though…I always tell them I will take care of what you need, your wants…you got to get that on your own.
E says: DIddy, who do you think is more romantic men or women? Why?
Diddi says: I think it could be both…because once the person figures out how to please the other, and go beyond that, the romance it endless..being romantic is alot of avenues and once they are tapped…Being romantic is about knowing how, not neccesarily being the best at it…
E says: What is the best relationship advice that you have ever gotten?
Diddi says: Seek God for all answers in a relationship, without him its possible it will fail.
Take care of home, no matter what.
Never let the sun beat you in the house.
When you love someone, love them whole heartedly and never forget they were once a stranger to you…meaning you dont want them to ever become a stranger to you again.
E says: Do you think it’s ok to keep noticing another woman after you are in a committed relationship? Does this change when you are married?
Diddi says: I think men notice women all the time. They look, they dream, they lust. Only the last one is a sin. It does once you become right with God, and only then I think.
E says: Do you think that physical attributes are more important for maintaining a successful relationship or do you think that friendship maintains a relationship?
Diddi says: I think personally the friendship maintains a relationship. When you are friends, you have a bond and you sometime can talk and rely on each other for just about anything. Physical attributes play a role in it, but it can change tommorow, next year, or 30 years from now…a friendship should never change.
E says: What advice would you give someone that’s ready to give up on love?
Diddi says: I would tell them to please exhault all the possibilities before you even think about it. There is someone for everyone. No one wants to be lonely, or hurt, or caught up in a love affair, but again and again it happens. Dont give up, pray about it, and work that prayer out. If you are planning on giving up that must mean either you’ve been hurt before, an or alot, or you just havent found that right person. They are there..you just have to see them in a different light.
E says: So DIddy, tell us what is your greatest asset and biggest weakness?
Diddi says: I believe my greatest asset is my humble spirit and willingness to listen and advise.
My weakness is lust. Before, that listening and advising lot of the tiimes turned into a romance novel…starring me….Im still in prayer about that one…
E says: Are you a religious person or a spiritual person?
Diddi says: I am absolutely a religious person, and I am striving to become spiritual too…the religious I like to think is the learning process, and the spriritual is the doing process…
E says: I was told 10yrs ago that I wouldn’t recognize a good man if he came to me with a sign on his forehead that read gift from God. Although I know no one is perfect, but try to convince me…. tell me something to believe there are some good men left.

Diddi says: I would tell you that the man for you would have to be a man of God, religious and spiritual because he will have to be pure, and just a lil sin in his heart. He will be able to look inside your soul and see that you are just as pure E. He will have your back on situations, be able to give and recieve advise, and pleasure your heart, mind, body, soul, and all your sexual desires…He will be the one you ask for….lol…Your husband…


I hope you enjoyed the interview!

Some truths about the Black Woman….

Tell me some truths about the Black Woman….

I know by now you all have either heard or read the article written by Satoshi Kanazawa about Black women. The post was called Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?  Well we all know this not true. I want to know what is true about the Black woman. Talk to me…..

Ima be as real as I know…straight up, no chaser and no umbrella drinks okay…whew..By DIddi

 1. Y’all got attitudes out of this world…I know. married 12 years, 13 in Oct…and I have 3 girls….dam right there..

2.  There’s nothing wrong with being feisty, but y’all take it to another level…humble yourself…please

3.  I think you are beautiful,( and you said be honest) so I don’t think you or no blk female needs to prove anything…Now what’s up with the wigs, and eyelashes, and breast implants, and booty pads???, make up…and that underline was for you…Our culture didn’t use to do that, well maybe the wigs…okay I’ll give you that one…lol!

4. If you are independent right, why when the divorce cree come y’all want half?….Your paper is longer than Pippens arms and you trying to take it all. even the f…. blinds out the house…come on E…

5. I have met some very beautiful females of the African American descent all my life, more so while abroad. I have also seen some not so beautiful woman of the African descent, but the ones that were not so beautiful made up for it with the inner beauty, whether it was there heart, or their personality…some were just freaking ghetto…

6. Woman lie E, I think more than men…I think a woman’s intent is stronger when it comes to cheating…A man is just trying to get his manhood you now…loll… but a woman…she out to spite, and I use that word very strongly…disrespect, make a fool of…and I’m just venting right now…loll..

7. Then you got those ones that can’t cook boiled water…loll…and want to go out to eat all the dog gone time…what’s up with that.???..lol

Ain’t that the truth by I’m a Proud Black Woman!

When I think of the Black woman I think of Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Phyllis Wheatley, Coretta Scott King, Betty X, Angela Davis, Madame CJ Walker, Winnie Mandela, Oprah, Michelle Obama and My Momma! I think of the struggle, I think of the abuse, I think of the criticism, I think of the name calling, I think of rape, I think of society making us believe that we’re not beautiful, I think of how hard it must’ve been for Betty X and Coretta Scott King to raise their children when Malcolm X and Dr Martin Luther King were killed. I think of the 4 black girls killed in the Church in the south. I think of the Underground railroad and how Harriet Tubman lead all those slaves to freedom. I sit here and wonder what would I have done. I think of all the slaves that were brought to America. I think of the cotton picking. I think of Jim crow. I think of black water fountains. I think of how our Ancestors were raped by their Masters. I think of Rosa Parks when all she wanted to do was rest her tired little feet. I think of the women that marched with Dr Martin Luther King and I also think of the women that marched side by side with Huey Newton carrying pistols,  I think about the Black Panther Party. I think about the 70’s when drugs and prostitution were a big hit. I think about the 80’s and seeing crack whores on the streets begging. I think about all the ghetto hood rats out here with no education. I think about hate. I think about how kids are having kids. I think of our insecurities. I think of those labeled baby momma. I think about how all we want to be is loved. I think about my Momma holding it down for almost 40 years with my Pops. I think about our tears. I think about how far we came and how I pray we never go back. I think Michelle Obama is a true inspiration to all Black women in America. When I think about the black woman all I think to think about is our strength, our courage, our grace, our loyalty, our faith, our trust in God, our determination, our serenity, our power, our respect, our unselfishness,  our bravery, our beauty, our success, our compassion, our unity, our love for our brother and our sister, our love for our families, our big hearts and our helping hand. The Black Woman is Everything!

In my own words from the heart….by Bad Newz!

It is sad that the Black Male has such a negative attitude about the Black Woman. Black Women has been looked upon as a negative entity in this society for years by our own men. Maybe our hair isn’t straight and long, maybe our hips aren’t slim and narrow, maybe our skin isn’t bright white, maybe we weren’t fortunate to attend Harvard or born with a silver spoon.

The black woman has carried the weight of various types of hardships, she has to work to take care of her family, she has to endure being called names, she has endure lies, cheating, physical and mental abuse. She has endure low levels of respect that is given by the man that claims to love her. The black woman has to keep GOD first, cause no one has her back, she’s stereotyped as a ho, gold digger, Ghetto chic with a weave etc.

 To my Black Sista’s you are strong and beautiful, Keep your heads up and move forward, take care of your children, love your children, teach them respect, love and to Honor GOD!! For our children are the future of this evil world. Focus on our children and not MEN. If they don’t love their own skin color, then they don’t love themselves and with that being said, they do not know how to love THE BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN!  

I love my Black Kings, but I will not let one of them bring me down. (You live and learn)

Today’s Inspirational song…..

Ungrateful by Deitrick Haddon

I feel so ashamed
To be asking You again
You have proven yourself
To be more than a friend
And You’ve offered me
The perfect sacrifice
You paid it all
When You hung, bled, and died.

After all You did
How could I not be satisfied
It’s nothing but greed
I should go somewhere and hide
Lord please don’t strike me down
Have mercy on me!
And I’m so unworthy
How could I be

So ungrateful!
So unthankful!
After all that You’ve done
I’m so ungrateful
So ungrateful

Lord, I look around and I shake my head.
It’s as if You’re not alive, they act like You’re still dead
You’ve given the gift of life, oh that’s a fact.
What would we do, if You took it all back?
After all You did, how could I not be satisfied?
It’s my selfishness.
I should go somewhere and hide.
Lord, please forgive us for being so unfaithful

Lord, how could we be so ungrateful?

So unthankful?
After all that You’ve done.
So ungrateful
Oh, So ungrateful
So unthankful
After all that He’s done.
So unthankful…
So ungrateful…

I admit I get beside myself sometimes.
I don’t deserve to be called Your son.
And I’m, always asking You for something else.
When there are children that’s in need of help.
Lord, forgive me !!!
I’m Sorry!!
So ungrateful!!!
When I should be thankful!!
Please forgive me!!!
Lord, I’m sorry!!
I should be thankful!!
But look at me, I’m so ungrateful!!

So unthankful.
After all that You’ve done.
So ungrateful!
Oh, So ungrateful!
So unthankful!

George Washington Carver


(January 1864 – January 5, 1943)

 He created over 300 products from peanuts that are useful in the home and on the farm. And he created over 100 products from sweet potatoes. He invented synthetic materials such as plywood as well as dye which is still used in crayons today. As a youngster, he was denied access to education because of his race, but eventually attended high school and college at age 30.

Alongside his inventions, he worked towards racial harmony among blacks and whites in the South. He received the Spingarn Medal from the NAACP in 1923 for outstanding achievement, and an honorary doctorate from Simpson College in 1933.

He is said to have become a Christian at the age of ten and testified on many occasions that his ‘faith in Jesus Christ was the only mechanism by which he could effectively pursue and perform the art of science.’ He was often heard to say, “The Lord has guided me, and without my Savior, I am nothing”. His name is George Washington Carver.

Always Remember: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

 Smooches E’

Love and the risk you take falling into it…..



“Love is beautiful, Love is amazing, Love is blind, Love is never-ending, Love is a challenge, Love is wonderful, Love is great, Love is kind, Love is patience, Love is eternal, Love is friendship, Love is pure, Love is genuine, Love is fabulous, Love is a commitment, Love is a risk!

Love like everything else in life involves a risk. If you fell at love just like everything else in life you keep trying. Never stop believing in Love! And don’t give up on love because of a failed relationship. Failures aren’t always bad. Failures are stepping stones to prepare you for the next chapter in life. If you never fail at anything, life would be boring!

Always Remember: Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure… it just means you haven’t succeeded yet.  ~Robert Schuller

Smooches E’

Monday Morning Motivation: “Time to bring BEACH Sexy back”!!!!

“Bring Beach Sexy back for 2011”

Motivation 1: Just recently, I held a conversation with a lady that works out every day. I found out she’s about to be a Grandmother. Enough said…..

Motivation 2: Reading AOL news this morning (30 May 11), 74yr grandmother Ernestine Shepherd is benching more than her own weight — and competing with women half her age at muscle shows. Click or copy the link to read more.


It’s that time of the year. Summertime!

It’s hot outside and you’re ready to get out and enjoy the weather. You want to hit the beach, the pool and the water park but you’re ashamed because of some excess fat you may be storing from the winter. It’s all good! We all been there and done that a time or 2. I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late to get rid of those unwanted pounds.

If this is you…. I want you to join me in the “Bring Beach Sexy back for 2011” challenge.

There are no hidden fees, no weigh ins and you keep your business to yourself. All I ask is that you be safe and please do not starve yourself.  Skipping meals and sticking your finger down your throat is NOT the answer to weight loss. Also, try to stick to the challenge and complete the goals you set for yourself. You are more than welcome to share if you like!

There are strength in numbers so join me and help motivate others in bringing Beach Sexy back!

Feel free to inspire others!

Tip: Drink WATER! Get Moving! And limit your junk intake!!!!!!



Sunday’s Prayer


Dear God, we have tried so many times to figure everything out on our own and do things our way. We have determined what we want and forced our will upon you. For those times we admit our failure to trust in you with all our heart and lean not upon our own understanding. We repent of those many times we have tried to usurp your authority and attempted to do what only you can do. We are truly sorry and humbly ask your forgiveness.

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“Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is! Fortunately, I love money!”



Click the link for the best coffee and tea in the world. Trust me I drink my coffee black and if it taste good black then it’s some good coffee!





Entrepreneur, Accountant, Financial Advisor, Tax Preparer, Comedian, Josiah’s Mama




What do you hope your life will be like 10 years from now?

I just hope and pray that I’m happy and content with my life 10 years from now.  I do have goals which includes my own business and perhaps marriage but overall, I just want to be happy. 

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? If so what did you think about it?

I could give a rat’s behind about the royal wedding. 

What makes you angry? 

Liars, folks insulting my intelligence but for the most part, I’m very nonchalant.

Would you rather spend life in prison or be executed? Why?

Um…choosing to be executed is like suicide which I don’t believe in…so i guess I’d have to go with the orange jumpsuit. 

If you could be a religious or spiritual leader who would it be? Why? 

I honestly can’t articulate the difference between these words.  Although growing up, I’ve always heard that folks would described themselves as spiritual as opposed to religious when they didn’t go to church.

What is the first thing you do when you get up every morning?

The first thing I do in the morning is reach for my glasses b/c I am blind as a bat. 

How many countries have you visited outside the US? Name them…

Australia, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Mexico, Dominican Republic, New Zealand

What is the story behind your given name?

My name was originally supposed to be Dana which I would have LOVED; however my godmother begged my mom to pick something else b/c she was gonna name her daughter Dana.  Mind you…she didn’t have a daughter until 4 years later.  Next up was Ebony…but I was really small at birth and my mom liked a soap opera character named Lisa.

What kind of advice would you give to a battled wife?

Get out…seriously…you deserve more

What do you like to do when you’re bored?

Watch TV, read, eat

What’s your favorite reality show?

Top Chef…can’t cook a lick but they do it up on that show!

What is your favorite car?

hmm…I drive a Lexus and I’m pretty much happy with it.  Not sure where I’d go from there but I would like another SUV

What’s the longest you’ve been without sleep?

36 hours and then I proceeded to sleep for 18 hours straight…that was scary to sleep almost an entire day away

If you could go invisible for a day, what would you do?

I’d do harmless jokes…like goose people or tap them on their shoulders

What is your favorite color?


Describe the best road trip you’ve ever taken….

I once drove on a 17 hour car trip through South Australia…it was only supposed to be a 4 hr trip…it involved kangaroos, a bar, and a dark dank basement…that is all I have to say about that

If you could be a contestant on any game show, which one would you choose?

It would be cool to be on jeopardy but I’ve gotten dumber over the years so I’d go on family feud

Do you have any nervous habits that you do?

I bite my fingernails…so disgusting not to mention they look a hot mess

Where is your favorite place to eat?

In Richmond, VA it’s Bonefish Grille

I hope you enjoyed the interview!

Thanks and don’t forget to visit the site daily for new post.

Question of week…

With success comes what?