When a black man is approached by a woman of another ethnic group…….

When a man is interested in a black woman she gives him the run around and blow him off (when she knows she is just as interested) sometimes even insult and/turn her nose up (especially when her friends are around, just for their approval) and then when that same man is approached by another race/ethnic woman that gives him the time of day, the black woman gets mad and says “what’s wrong with her; all the black women in the world why he couldn’t talk to black woman”?  Why do the African American woman do that all the time?


I think you date or love what is good for you, a mature woman doesn’t need her friends approval cause if they were her friends she wouldn’t even feel the need to get the approval anyway, but if your interested in a black queen that just as Muff Wilson said, that has her situation together, then she is looking for someone on her level that isn’t lying to get what he wants so if dating outside your race make you feel comfortable with you then by all means go for it just don’t down my sistas to feel better about your decision to date “others”

Generally speaking by ~I’m just sayin in Iraq~

 Well “some” African American men seem like they make their criteria harder for African American women to be “marry material” than for another nationality i.e. the black woman needs to have good credit, good job, a certain amount of kids preferably one but they will marry another nationality impoverished. So I think “some” black women feel it’s an insult when we its perceived they only want one thing, and so what they feel is the “run around” is really to see how serious they really are…- anonymous lol

Platinum says: I agree totally case I point when you move to the middle east leave your wife of 20 yrs to be with a broke ass flip and have kids but a black woman with 2 is pathetic  who’s lost people

 The Shining Star!

You know what… unfortunately that is so true. I seen it time and time again with friends. They won’t give him the time of day, he moves on and finds him someone else and don’t let it be someone of another ethnic group, she now has an attitude and then all of a sudden she wants him now. This is something I can’t answer but will say…so true and it’s shame it happens like this too.

Muff Wilson!

I cannot speak for all women but I can speak for myself as well as a few of my good friends.  We can careless what nationality of woman a man talks to, but black women at least the ones that I associate with- most times have their act together, for example: education, finances, frame of mind, etc.  So when a man approaches we want him to come correct….We have standards……we desire as well as require more than a “cat call” while out with friends.  We want to feel special!!!  We have come a long way and worked too hard for the little respect that we get now, so when a man wants our time- he has to come correct like he’s really interested, like he can hold a descent conversation, and like he wants more than to see under our clothes.

 The Author!

Sisters be the first ones acting stank but get mad and jealous when you holding hands with a woman of another race. LOL! I don’t understand it. ALL I can say in the Sister defense is….we’re all not on that BS. If a guy steps to me correctly decent conversation, no sagging pants….lol he will get a descent conversation. Nowadays most brothers don’t have respect. I’m not looking for a wanna be thug. I need someone that I can take to my Parents w/o telling him to pull his pants up.



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