Question of the week…

Is Chivalry dead?



2 Comments on “Question of the week…

  1. I know it shouldn’t be- we are mothers, daughters, sisters, etc. and we deserve to be treated special. Open the door, carry the bags, tell me my hair is pretty; all things that will make any woman’s day coming from any man…..

  2. In my opinion it’s not dead but it’s definitely on life support! Part of the problem is some women don’t make it a requirement to be treated like a lady; thus, you have a bunch a men walking into buildings and not holding open doors, or washing cars or shoveling snow. On a date, I’ll actually wait at the door until the guy opens it for me; however I have to do my part as well by acting like a lady. I make sure my son knows how to treat women and I pray he doesn’t stray too far when he grows up….

    2cents by Lisa

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