Question about Open Relationships….


Open Relationships

So you and your significant other has been dating for several years. Your partner feel as though you’re growing apart. You both love each other and want to stay together. Then out of the blue your partner ask you what do you think about being in an open relationship? Talk to me….


I’m just sayin… by the Man with the keys to the City

In theory it probably could cut down on a lot of fights and arguments cause everything would be in the open and no one would be getting mad at the other one… unless that person wasn’t getting any good moments from whoever they are…Deprived ….lol…   

No open relationships for me Buddy by the Author 

After several years of dating I think we need to be heading down the aisle not seeing other people. If we’re growing apart then we need to figure out how to repair our relationship without bringing other people into our mix. I’m not down for it. NOT AT ALL!

Response by the Ladies Man

If a person that you are in a relationship with starts to entertain being in an open relationship, then it’s time to step back and really focus on if you really want to be in a relationship with someone that thinks being with someone else is an good option.

The thing about it is if a person is happy with their current status then they would not have any reason to think of being with any other people. 

Just because you love each other does not mean you have to be together. I have seen the greatest loves between a couple and they were not in a relationship. when they were together the relationship was not the best of times during the relationship and when they went their separate ways, the love was in harmony. My points is just because you love a person and that person loves you, there’s no law that says you are suppose to be together. You can love a person without the ties.

You might like it by Anonymous!

It works for Will and Jada!

  No by Bad Newz

Love is: sacred, trust, respect, honor, commitment, giving your heart, soul and mind. How can one truly love their significant other by asking them this question? We love with our hearts and therefore put every ounce of strength/energy we have into making our relationships healthy. Having a trusted, committed marriage/relationship is the goal of every normal individual and is strived for in this world of sin, an open relationship is basically living a single life, without any commitments or worries. Why waste time with a significant other whom your growing apart from, it is evident that he/she likes one or two characteristic’s about you, but don’t love you nor respect as the individual you are. This causes emotional stress and heartaches in your life, because it was your significant other that asked for the open relationship not you. You must walk away from him/her, start the healing process and move forward with a positive attitude. Stress Kills and if you continue to put your heart into one that obviously don’t love you, it isn’t healthy. Walk away as fast as you can, before you be in a threesome with whom he/she is currently attracted too and your eyes aren’t open to see this yet…Walk Away…You deserve better!!!



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